How to protect the text on the website

How to protect the text on the website

Each owner of the website faces a problem of maintaining uniqueness of texts sooner or later. Especially this problem is relevant for the young websites to which theft of content can strongly do much harm in search advance. Similar problems to owners of the websites can create as their "colleagues" who do not shun filling of the website the texts which are not belonging to them and the ordinary users copying the pleasant information without malicious intent and placing on third-party resources. How to protect the test on the website?

It is required to you

  • Program for protection against copying
  • Program for adding of the signature to texts of articles
  • E-mail


1. There are organizations specializing in protection of content for a certain payment. Having paid, you receive legal confirmation that the texts which are on your website belong to you if, of course, when checking it is not found out that they are nonunique. Such organizations have also archives in which save copies of pages of the website. If you will find out that your texts were posted on other website, you can contact the copy-paster and declare the rights for content, having confirmed them with the link to pages of archive on which, including, dates of emergence of texts on your website are attested. It is easy to determine the content owner by date. Also, if you decide to use services of the similar organizations, then you will have a full document package for protection of the rights in court. Minus is that, sometimes, the cost of services in protection of the text during the work with these organizations is comparable to the cost of the text or even exceeds it. Not to all owners of the websites it on a pocket.

2. One more option of protection of content, the address to the lawyers dealing with copyright issues. They check content for uniqueness and do assurance that for a certain date you possessed this text. The only difference is that the lawyer will not provide you archive, the link to which you could show to copy-pasters. However, legal confirmation of your driver's license of possession of texts you get. At the cost of service of the lawyer are comparable to the cost of services of the organizations about which it was told above.

3. For those who want to protect the text on the website, but has the limited budget, there are two more quite budgetary ways of confirmation of copyright. There are free web archives. To protect content, it is necessary to add to a special form on the website the address of your website and to wait until the system archives all its pages. The second way assumes the printout of texts of your website on the printer and sending them to itself a registered postal packet. Such way is good for protection of the rights in court. The main thing not to open a parcel ahead of time.

4. One more way of protection of content - will lock copyings by means of special programs. At installation of similar programs, the user cannot use on your website the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut and the right mouse button for copying. It is also possible to configure an output of messages that copying from the website is forbidden. In practice it is easy to bypass this protection in view of the fact that there is a possibility of use of other keyboard shortcuts, saving pages through the menu of the browser and also shutdown in the Java-script browser that by automatic machine is done non-working by the majority of similar programs. For example, the Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut saves all page of the website on the user's computer where it can do with it and the text placed on it anything.

5. There are still programs which purpose – protection from copy and paste. These programs will delay update of PSS tapes, to cipher texts or "cling" an inscription to the texts copied from your website, for example, that copying is forbidden and the user breaks the law, or the working link to your website. The problem is that search robots and also in a possibility of removal by the copy-paster of the added inscriptions treat such programs not really kindly.

6. Only one way of protection from copy and paste really acts on practice. Regularly check for uniqueness texts, and in case of their detection on other resources, contact their administrators. In most cases the address to owners of a resource helps to fix a problem during couple of days. If one letter is not enough, send repeated where designate yours "serious intentions" on protection of content. In case of lack of result, write to the owner of a hosting on which the website pilferer, and to employees of search engines is located. In sections for webmasters of Google and Yandex made special forms, with the help it is possible to complain of the "bad" website. As a rule, already in following "upgrade", the websites with kopipasty drop out of delivery.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team