How to protect the website from cracking

How to protect the website from cracking

Achieve safety in network is one of the most important tasks of owners of the websites. Now there was a lot of literature and information, placed in networks which will help even not the advanced user to become the hacker. So, how to protect the website?


1. It is necessary to select difficult passwords which are known only by you and which combine also letters and digits. It is proved that the system on selection of passwords very long and will cope quite possibly poor with the password from eight characters as there is a huge number of such combinations.

2. Only you should have access rights to the admin panel and at a limited circle of the checked faces. Otherwise you should not be surprised at emergence of unexpected unpleasant surprises. Also strangers cannot grant the right for adding of the HTML-code. It can lead to adding on the website of malicious codes.

3. Following rule simple: use an antivirus with recently updated bases. It is rather a need of safety for network, than banality.

4. You store passwords in well protected places. Even if protection of the document with passwords seems to you reliable, the hacker can outwit you and get access to them.

5. If there is a lot of passwords and they can take off from the head, use password managers better. It is the special program thanks to which I will be reliably stored your passwords in ordered and encrypted form.

6. One more banal, but important rule to which it is necessary to adhere to protect the website in network: you do not follow the links which are suspicious and unfamiliar.

7. If during creation of the website you decided to use ready scripts, then useful will be to check their reliability which is shown in durability of work of other websites constructed on their basis.

8. If you develop scripts, then take care of creation of a filtering system of information which is entered by the user. Otherwise, there is a risk of emergence of XSS of the attack.

9. Special attention should be paid to scripts which work with a possibility of loading by the user of any files. As at such access the hacker can make, anything.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team