How to publish files

How to publish files

To communicate, not always conveniently and possibly to use e-mail servers and programs of fast message exchange. It is the simplest to publish files on the Internet, having used the special websites storages or file hosting services.


1. File hosting services still call file hostings – the services providing to the user the space for its files which are available round the clock. It gives the chance to communicate very conveniently. So, you need to publish the files in network. Use one of the checked file hostings:,,,,

2. If you need to publish files constantly, then it will be better to register on one or several file hosting services. Registration gives several advantages: storage time of files lasts, the list of the loaded files is provided, statistics of downloading is shown, removal of the loaded files, creation of personal directories is possible, and the code on the file which you can place on your blog, a forum or on the website is given.

3. How to make the publication of files on the file hosting service of To place the file without registration, on the homepage of the website press the Browse button. Select the necessary file – it can be any rar-archive, the musical file, video, a photo, the Word document, etc. The hosting of allows to place files no more than 350 MB in size.

4. Having selected the file, press the Open button and further the Load button. Loading of the file on the server will begin. Further, the window where you will see the name of your file and its expansion will open. You are offered to password-protect the file, in this case access to it only you will have and faces to which you give the password. You can enter any characteristics of the loaded information in the File description field – the name of a song or full document title.

5. Further, click "Save the File". On the refreshed page your file, its number will be shown you in the directory, the size, date and time of placement, and the reference to the file is given. Having copied this link, you can send and publish it. The file will be stored in a system no more than 7 days.

6. To register in a system, it is necessary to click on the link in a phrase of "Advantage of registration" located on the homepage. Then, it is necessary to enter your e-mail, the password (at least from 5 characters), to check the He Agrees with Conditions point and to click "Registration".

7. You will be told that "The letter with instructions for activation of the account is sent to the address specified by you". Come into your mailbox, find the letter from and follow the specified link. Now your registration is confirmed, and you can take all listed advantages at the publication of files.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team