How to publish the book on the Internet

How to publish the book on the Internet

Literature for quite some time now became really popular art form, and, strangely enough, among writers, but not readers. The situation is explainable: each person able to express more or less harmoniously thoughts seeks to pass on the experience or to share imaginations. Be printed in publishing house not always on a pocket, and to the aid there are specialized Internet resources.

It is required to you

  • - Internet connection;
  • - ready literary work.


1. It is not obligatory to create own website though you can create the blog. In that case each message will consist of one chapter of the book. However be careful: the reader on the Internet lazy and choosy. In the general tape the message should not be displayed more widely, than on one scrolling of the screen. Remove the rest under "кат" by means of HTML tags. The volume of one post should not exceed 4000 characters with spaces, that is one author's sheet. The termination of a fragment should be sharp, causing thirst of continuation. So you will force the reader to pass to the following chapter.

2. Besides, it is useful to visit the special literary resources devoted to large and small prose: website "Проза.ру", special section of the website "World of Your Creativity", "Samizdat" and similar resources. Register as the author there and lay out the work.

3. On some literary resources there is a restriction on work volume. It can help you: first, the reader, as well as in a case with blogs, will not be tired of reading. Secondly, returning to the work after a break, he will not be forced to look for the place on which he stopped. In the third, you can integrate fragments of works in a cycle or what is almost equivalent to one printing book.

4. Some authors arrive still izoshchrenny: they send chapters of the masterpiece on a subscription, like and similar. Use also this way, but consider the same councils: the text of a subscription should be short, fascinating and torn off on the most interesting place.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team