How to pull out a flash from the website

How to pull out a flash from the website

The elements of animation, sound design and scripts of interactive interaction, united in one file, executed on a flash technology most often are used on the Internet. It is possible extract such file from the website on which page it is placed in several ways.


1. If you have an access to the server under the FTP protocol or through a website management system, extraction a flash element - a task rather simple. For connection to the website through FTP connection use the special program - the FTP client. It is possible to find the mass of applications of this sort in the Internet - for example, FlashFXP, WS FTP, Cute FTP, FileZilla, Smart FTP, etc. Their interfaces are arranged differently, but in all there is a function of fast connection for which on the separate panel data entry fields of the login, the password, the address of the server and the port number are taken out. Fill the first three fields - it is not required to specify port, as a rule, - and click Enter for connection establishment. The window of the FTP client is usually separated into two frames in one of which the server directory tree is provided, in another - your computer. On the server find the necessary file with the swf extension - are so designated ready (compiled) a flash elements - and drag in any folder of the local computer.

2. With a management system of the website (CMS) the procedure will be even simpler. Having authorized in CMS, find the reference to the file manager in the menu and pass to its page. Find the necessary swf-file, select it in the list the file manager and press the button placed in the same page or the reference (depends on the used management system) its loadings in your computer. Specify the name of the file in common dialog of saving and select the folder for its storage. Then click "Save".

3. In the absence of access to "interiors" of the website use possibilities of the browser - load into it the page with necessary a flash element, and then extract a flash file from a cache of the Internet observer. The cache is the temporary storage of elements of web pages placed in the local computer. Its specific location depends on used like the browser. And if you use the Opera application, it is not necessary to look for the folder on the computer - open the menu of the browser, in the section "Page" pass into the subsection "Development tools" and select the line "Cache". Contents of temporary storage will be loaded in the form of links with pictures of a preview and a possibility of filtering on types of files - find the required reference and save to the convenient location the Save as command of a context menu.

4. Setup of some servers does not allow browsers to cache a flash rollers. In this case for extraction them from the website try to use specialized Internet services - for example, it can be On the homepage of service select the name of a web resource on which the necessary flash element is placed in a drop-down list, and in the field near the list specify the page address. After clicking of the Download button there will be a normal text reference on the specified flash file which can be saved with use of the Save as point of a context menu.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team