How to pull out music from the website

How to pull out music from the website

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Today there is a set of the websites using different musical files which possibility of loading or is blocked or it does not exist at all. However it does not mean that to you to download the pleasant composition never. For this purpose a huge variety of the programs and ways allowing to load any multimedia file from any source was created.


1. The easiest way of loading of music is to use the VKMusic 4 program. For a start download this program and install it. Installation will take no more than a minute. After that enter the password and the login used on social network "VKontakte". You should not be frightened to enter so confidential information as these data are not sent anywhere. To download musical composition (and also loading and videos is possible), copy the address of the page of this multimedia object, and insert the link into the special field of the program. After that start directly downloading.

2. The following method also does not differ in special complexity. Visit that page where you located the selected musical songs. At line where the page address is located, insert the following text data: javascript:functionplayAudioNew (a) {varurl = document.getElementById ('audio_info '+a) .value.split (',') [0]; (url, 'Download'); } (insert these characters, previously having cleaned an address bar). After that click Enter, thereby starting loading process. Then select the necessary musical file then there will be an opportunity to download it or to open. Save musical composition, previously having specified path.

3. Load musical files from the websites. For this purpose not intended, it is also possible by means of one more checked VKLife 1.9.1 program. For a start download this program at the link, then install it. The program allows to download different multimedia objects: musical compositions, as well as videos. Use it if you should download from many sources as this program supports work with a large number of the websites, despite the name and the seeming belonging to VKontakte. However is present at the utility as well integration of the above-mentioned social network. It is expressed in listening of music and commenting of walls.

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