How to pump over alchemy

How to pump over alchemy

The alchemy in the game World of Warcraft represents peace craft on production of various elixirs and potions. Considering that most of players develop generally fighting skills at the characters, they should buy the different broths increasing characteristics and giving superiority in a fight. For this reason the profession of the alchemist guarantees to the player constant income.


1. To pump over alchemy, go to the capital of your kingdom and talk to city guards. Find out from them where there are an alchemist and the herbalist. At first come to the alchemist and learn at him the specialty Alchemy. After that visit the herbalist and learn specialty Travnichestvo. Your level on both specialties – the Pupil.

2. After that come into shop and buy the Kenariya Bag and several dozen empty flasks there. Now go to the country to collect herbs. Having gone beyond city gate, open the menu of professions and select the Travnichestvo item. Now look at the card and move to the places of growth of curative herbs designated on it. Having approached a plant, click on it a mouse and place in stock. For a start collect 59 flowers of the mirotsvet and the srebrolist. Further open the menu of professions of your character again and click the inscription Alchemy. Set quantity of potions 59 and select the Create item.

3. Wait some time until your hero welds 59 potions and it will be ready to transition to the following level of skill. Now go to the city to the master alchemist. Talk to it and study the following level of specialty – the Journeyman. Then similarly increase profession level at the herbalist. After that find out where there is an auction and put there up for sale the potions welded by you.

4. Go to shop and buy still empty flasks for new potions. Again activate abilities of the herbalist and find 93 earth roots, 5 flowers magoroz and 33 flowers of a sinyachnik. If you did not manage to find the necessary quantity, come on an auction and buy necessary ingredients there. Weld from them new potions.

5. In such a way pump over alchemy to value 475 and receive the Glorified Master level. When a game offers you, select one of the directions in development of your alchemist. If you want to cook many medical elixirs and to waste on them less efforts and means, select the Master of Elixirs direction. If you have to make more than the strengthening and strengthening infusions – select the Master of potions and if you wish to create rare elements with unusual properties, select Transmutation. After that continue to develop the hero in the selected direction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team