How to put starting the page

How to put starting the page

Long enough the empty document with which there began the work each browser was the homepage of the Internet for many users. Later as the homepage registered the addresses of search engines in properties of browsers. But recently homepages online actively compete to browser home pages.


1. To put the homepage in the Opera browser, come into the menu "Service" and select the Setup item. In the appeared window on the Main tab select from a drop-down list "At start" - "Begin with the home page". In the field located is slightly lower, enter the address of future home page. Click "OK" and restart the browser.

2. If you use the Internet Explorer browser, wishing to put the homepage or to change it, come into the menu "Service" and select the Internet Options item. On the General tab in the special field "Home page" enter the necessary address. Then click "OK" and restart the browser. The homepage will be loaded from the address entered by you.

3. To put the homepage in Google Chrome, click a wrench icon near the address panel in the browser and in a drop-down list select the Parameters item. In the opened settings window in the field "Initial Group" select the Open the Following Pages parameter and enter their addresses in the special field below.

4. Besides, it is possible to put the homepage by means of special Internet services. For example, such individual start page can be created on the website of Google and many other websites. As a rule, they consist of a combination of news blocks, a weather forecast on the region, hours, mail and other functions, access to which is provided online directly from the open page. Such homepages can be configured voluntarily, having aggregated those widgets which are most useful to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team