How to put the website on the server

How to put the website on the server

As is well-known files of the website on a hosting can be loaded by means of the control panel. But It should be noted that this way is not too convenient. It is much more convenient to load files by means of the special manager, for example, it as FileZilla which works with ftp. FTP is a protocol which will allow you to transfer files from your computer on the server and in the opposite direction. FileZilla is the most convenient and available FTP client, an operating procedure with it we and we will consider in this article.


1. First of all, select a hosting and register on it the account - it is and will be your first step. After this registration for your mail the letter should come. In this letter all necessary data – the login, the password and IP will be specified. By means of these data you will also configure the program.

2. Download the last version of the FilleZila program. Install it on the computer and start. Select "Open the Manager Saytov" in the program upper left corner. Now in the appeared window enter a website name, and then enter those data which came to you to mail – the login, the password and the IP address.

3. In the field of Khosta write IP, in the field "User" – enter the login, fill the Password field, and in the field select "Type" of occurrence "It will be so more convenient request the password". Now confirm all changes.

4. Now find the button with a black arrow, it is near the Open the Manager Saytov button. Click it and select connection which you created in the appeared menu, enter your password and select connection with the server.

5. After that the program will execute connection to your hosting. At the same time in the right part of the program you will be able to see files and folders which are located on the FTP server, and in the left part – the files located on your computer.

6. Now begin to load the website on a hosting. Open a root folder in the right part of the program, in the left part open the folder which contains files of the engine of the website. Now select all files in the left part and load them on a hosting, or, having dragged a mouse, or by means of the Download command. Files will be downloaded in that folder which at this moment will be open. Wait until all necessary files download.

7. Now begin to install the engine. Keep in mind that further you should delete some files (it will be for this purpose necessary to right-click according to the necessary file and to select "Delete") or to change access rights (for this purpose click on the necessary file and choose the corresponding command). Successful to you works!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team