How to raise rating on trackers

How to raise rating on trackers

Torrent trackers became a common part of the life of Internet users. The torrent is the Web server which allows to communicate to users. On such trackers special files which allow to download movies and music are laid out. Essential minus of torrents are the systems of ratings extended on the majority of trackers. It is possible to download much only if itself you allow to download not less. However, having dealt with them, you will always have a necessary rating to download the pleasant file of any size.

It is required to you

  • - Internet access.
  • - Capacious hard drive.


1. For a rating raising on torrents you need to help other people to distribute files. Than you distribute more files at the same time, that, respectively, more at you will download. Therefore having downloaded any torrent, as long as possible remain on distribution. The capacious hard drive and also an opportunity as long as possible to hold your computer included will be a great option.

2. Pay attention to popular distributions. For example, on the tracker just laid out rip the successful blockbuster - such distribution will be downloaded for certain by a large number of people. If to download its one of the first, the rating raising is provided to you. It is even not obligatory for you to watch/install the downloaded files, the main thing to help with distribution.

3. Downloading of others distributions downgrades the rating even if pays off as a result. Therefore, for a rating raising on the tracker create own distributions. Let's allow you have a distribution kit with the free operating system on the basis of Linux with which disk to you was sent from abroad. Such distribution will make for certain success thanks to exclusivity, not everyone will want to wait until by mail send disks. It is good if you have an opportunity to lay out own author's content. Let's assume, the familiar band allowed you to create distribution of its new song.

4. Enter release group. On many trackers the people integrate in similar communities that is together planned to download different files and more quickly to spread them. If you get into such group, then a gradual, but constant raising of rating to you is provided.

5. Check whether is not present on the tracker of a system of bonuses. It is a popular practice on many file hosting services. For example, the longer you sidirut, the more is given you points which can be spent for a rating raising subsequently.

6. If there is no other way left, can try third-party programs for turning of number of the distributed gigabytes. Some of them increase the considered volume of the files distributed by you. Having distributed one gigabyte to you will include ten. For this way it is possible to use programs like Ratiomaster or Greedy Torrent.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team