How to read a MMS on the Internet

How to read a MMS on the Internet

The MMS technology allows to exchange pictures, tunes and texts between mobile phones. The majority of modern models of mobile phones are capable to accept a MMS of the message if they connected the GPRS Internet and service MMS is activated. If phone does not support a MMS, the SMS message with reference to the Internet page address where it is possible to read a MMS goes to it.

It is required to you

  • - mobile phone;
  • - the computer connected to the Internet


1. Subscribers of mobile communication should be registered by MTS on the official site of the MTS company, by the section "MMS Portal". The reference to the necessary Internet page is contained in the SMS message which came to the mobile phone of the subscriber. Enter the address from the link into an address bar of the web browser on the computer. The login and the password for registration are also specified in the SMS message, enter them into a form on the page. At the same time registration will be considered as successfully complete and you will be able to read the received mms-message.

2. If your mobile operator — MegaFon, in case of receiving a MMS on your phone which is not connected to this service comes the SMS message with the password and the link to the Internet page address for transition to the page with your mms-message. Write the sent password. Visit the website of the operator according to the link from the SMS message. On the page enter the password into a form. Thus you get access to the MMS.

3. The Beeline mobile operator for viewing mms-messages online requires registration on the website. As the login for an input on the website serves your phone number. On the website enter the phone number and the test code from the picture into a form. After that receive on phone the SMS message from the operator with the password for an input on your personal page from a MMS. Enter the received password and the login (your phone number) on the website. Registration procedure at the same time will be complete and you will be able to read your mms-message.

4. Subscribers of Tele2 receive on the phone the SMS message with a PIN code of the MMS sent them. Visit the website of Tele2 operator, enter into the corresponding line on the page the phone number and the received 6-unit PIN code of the mms-message. Read opened a MMS.

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