How to read a MMS on the website

How to read a MMS on the website

Very often mms from strangers come to phone, to open such message in the phone is risky as in the message the virus can be coded. It is sometimes banal in phone the service of mms is not connected, and instead of the multimedia message the notification on it comes.

It is required to you

  • mobile phone, computer, Internet.


1. As a rule, if you did not connect mms service, the operator sends to SMS the notification on obtaining the multimedia message. In the text of the message there shall be a link to the multimedia message which you will be able to view on the website of your cellular operator. Open this link in the wap-browser of your phone, "option" — "open url". This method can be risky as many telephone swindlers masking under cellular operators send the SMS with links to the harmful website. Having followed such link you risk to infect the phone with viruses or to lose a certain sum of balance of your phone.

2. It is the safest to open such links on your home computer. Manually type the link sent you in an address bar of your your browser and click the ENTER key. In the opened web page you will see the multimedia message intending to you. Some mobile operators instead of the direct reference send the link to the directory of multimedia messages to the multimedia message and in addition to it the login and the password in order that you having been authorized on the website of the operator, could view the message intended personally to you.

3. If often send you mms, then for saving of time and personal convenience configure viewing multmediyny messages directly on your phone. Contact the cellular operator. Receive at him settings for reception of multimedia messages. Then specify the received settings in the menu of messages. "Menu" - "message" - "MMS" – "settings of messages" – "profile" – "edit (to change) a profile". Save settings. Now you will be able to browse with little effort multimedia messages directly in the phone, as well as to send them.

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