How to read the dat file

How to read the dat file

Standard settings of e-mails do not allow inclusion of additional parameters in letters with expanded formatting. The Microsoft Outlook program saves optional data in the attachment with the name winmail.dat, added to the end of the e-mail message.

It is required to you

  • - Fentun


1. Load and install on the computer the specialized instrument of opening of files with the .dat Fentun extension - THEF Attachment Extractor.

2. Save the .dat file which is subject to opening in any folder and click "Start-up" for a call of the main menu of a system.

3. Pass into the Execute point and enter cmd value in the Open field.

4. Press the OK button for confirmation of start of the tool of the command line and enter fentun.exe winmail.dat value into a text box.

5. Click a function key of Enter for confirmation of execution of the command of extraction of files and specify intended for opening.

6. Save the extracted files.

7. Start the Microsoft Outlook program and open the menu "Service" of a top panel of tools of an application window for change of the message format.

8. Open the link "Parameters" and execute clicking of the Message format button.

9. Click "Literal text" in the section "Create the Message in a Format" and confirm the choice with clicking of the OK button.

10. Return to the menu "Service" and pass into the Address book point for change of parameters of sending messages to the selected addressee.

11. Specify the Personal address book point in the Show Names from group and select the necessary addressee.

12. Use the Properties command in the File menu of a top panel of tools of a window of the Outlook program and go to the SMTP general tab of the opened dialog box.

13. Deselect a checkbox in the field "Always to send messages to this recipient in the Microsoft Exchange RTF format" and press the OK button for application of the selected changes.

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