How to read the mail

How to read the mail

For use of e-mail there is a large number of different services which offer convenient means for viewing messages. It is possible to read mail also by means of special programs for e-mail which allow to make synchronization with service of letters.


1. To read messages on a mail service from the computer, open a browser window. You can use any program for browsing the Web which is installed on your computer.

2. Pass to the website where you registered a mailbox. If you forgot the name of your e-mail service, you can contact the e-mail address. The character sequence which to be put after the sign @, corresponds to e-mail server address. For example, if your address has an appearance This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the e-mail server will be To pass to it, enter this address in an address bar of the browser.

3. In the appeared form indicate your user name and the password on the page. If there is no form for input of such data, use the section "Mail" which should be available in a browser window. Press the Input button to pass into your account.

4. If all data were entered truly, you will get on the page of viewing messages. Click on the link "Entering" in the left part of a window. In the central part of the page the list of the letters available for reading will be displayed. To open any of them and to read, it is enough to click a left mouse button on the necessary line.

5. For reading of messages you can also use third-party programs – The Bat!, Outlook, etc. Pass to the official site of one of e-mail clients and download the latest version of the program. Then start an installer and follow instructions on the screen to complete installation.

6. At start of the program the window of setup of the e-mail server will be displayed. Specify your data on a mail resource which you use for exchange of e-mail, according to the settings offered on the screen. You will also be able to add other accounts through the corresponding menu item of the selected program.

7. As soon as setup is complete, click on the Entering button in a program window to read the received messages.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team