How to reboot the javascript page

How to reboot the javascript page

The scripting JavaScript language is used in browsers for giving to websites of interactivity, functionality and pithiness. For full viewing Internet resources it is necessary to activate the JavaScript function in the browser and to reboot the page.


1. OperaOtkroyte main menu of the browser. In the Setup list select the General settings item. Also this menu can be opened, having clicked Ctrl+F12 key shortcut. In the opened window go to the Expanded tab and find the Contents point. Put a checkbox near the Include JavaScript function and pass to its settings to note additional parameters. Here you can set permissions for JavaScript to performing certain actions. For example, automatically to install focus or to change the size of windows.

2. Internet ExplorerChtoby start the browser, it is necessary to find its label in the All Programs list of the main menu "Start-up". Click a gear icon in the upper right corner of the Internet Explorer window. Open the section "Internet Options" and go to the Safety tab. Find an icon Internet, select it with the mouse and press the Other button which appeared below. With security settings find the Run Scripts of Applications JavaScript point in the appeared window and activate it. Confirm in performing operation and save settings.

3. Google ChromeNazhmite on a wrench icon in the browser. Pass to the section "Parameters". In the left panel of the appeared window select the Additional item. In the field "Settings of Personal Data" open the Contents Settings button. Allow to use to all websites the JavaScript language, having noted the corresponding points. Click "Ok" and close a tab of properties of the browser

4. Mozilla FirefoxZaydite in the Setup menu also select the section "Contents". In the appeared window activate the JavaScript function. Appear a dialog box in which it is necessary to confirm saving settings.

5. Reboot the page of the website after JavaScript function inclusion. For this purpose press the corresponding button or F5 key.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team