How to reboot the website

How to reboot the website

For the experienced user administration of the website does not represent special difficulties. But for this purpose, who began to master elements of management of the websites quite recently, emergence of any given failures can become a serious problem. To cope with them, it is necessary to know the general principles and methods of setup of Internet resources including the procedure of reset.

It is required to you

  • - Adobe Dreamweaver program.


1. If the operating system at failure can just be rebooted, then with the website this way it is impossible to act, it functions on absolutely other principles. At emergence of some errors, for example problems with display, incorrect work of elements of the website (links, buttons, forms, etc.), the error should be looked for in the corresponding code locations of the page or in the used scripts.

2. Sometimes the arisen problems can be solved by a hard reset of the website from the saved copy – provided that such copy was in advance created. Come into the control panel of your website on a hosting, in it there are options of creation of a backup and recovery of the website from it.

3. Even if after recovery of the website of fault disappeared, they can appear again. The hacker attacks are the cause of many problems: having restored the website from archive, you leave an opportunity for the repeated attack as did not eliminate the available vulnerabilities. In particular, one of the most widespread are the so-called XSS attacks allowing to execute any code in the browser of the user who visited the vulnerable page. If there are signs of use of such vulnerability (about it it is possible to esteem in network), it needs to be eliminated.

4. Sometimes the beginning administrator wants to change some pages of the website, and even all project entirely, but does not know how to make it. Pages of the website are on a hosting in the public_html folder, you can open this folder via the control panel in your account. For work with pages of the website it is the best of all to use the Adobe Dreamweaver program, it can be found in the Internet. Having changed as necessary pages of the website, again load them into the public_html folder. For work on the website it is recommended to replace the homepage of index.html with the simple page with the same name on which users will see the warning of the carried-out works.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team