How to receive a user name and the password

How to receive a user name and the password

Receive a user name and the password — it means to register on any website, to receive there the account. The user name (login) allows the learn system you, and the password which is correctly entered at an input on the website is the proof that you — it is valid you. It is simple to receive registration on the majority of the websites.

It is required to you

  • - the computer connected to the Internet


1. Enter the address of the website on which you plan to register into an address bar of your web browser, and visit this website. Some Internet resources practice registration only by the invitation of already registered users. In this case follow the invitation link sent you by your friend to the necessary website. If it is necessary, enter from corresponding to a form on the website the invitation code.

2. Find on the website and click the inscription "Register"," Create Account" or another, redirecting on the page with the registration questionnaire. Enter in the respective fields of a form necessary data — the country, the city, a surname and a name.

3. Think up to yourself the login — a user name which you will enter at an input on the website. The login should be memorable. Usually it consists of Latin letters and/or digits. On the majority of the websites the user selects the login to himself, and the system only checks this login for uniqueness. If on the website the independent choice of the password is offered, think up to yourself the password and enter it into lines of the questionnaire twice.

4. Specify the e-mail address. Specify the real-life address — it is required to you for registration continuation and also for communication with you if you will need to change the registration data.

5. Receive on the mailbox specified at registration, the letter with the link for activation of your account. Follow the sent link, enter the personal account on the website and on it your registration usually is considered complete. Some websites send to again registered users automatically generated passwords by e-mail. In this case upon transition to the website for completion of registration it is necessary to enter the password offered you into a form.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team