How to receive mail on Yandex

How to receive mail on Yandex

E-mail still remains one of the most demanded options of information exchange on the Internet. There is a set of different services where it is possible to get an electronic mailbox. The most known among them are in many respects similar at each other on feature set. And one of the most known domestic mail systems is Yandex.Mail. It is the popular and checked by time service.


1. To receive a mailbox in the system of Yandex, visit the website and click on the ""get mail"" button. After that you are waited by short and standard registration procedure.

2. Specify the real data in the graphs ""Name"" and ""Surname"". It is optional, but it is desirable. If you forget the password, the present data will help to restore it.

3. The login is your unique alias which is suitable for all services of a system of Yandex. He is written in Latin, among possible signs in addition to letters and digits: unary hyphen and point. It is long no more than 30 characters. If the login desirable to you is occupied, the system will automatically offer the unoccupied combinations close to your request.

4. Having selected the login, it is necessary to select the password. It it is long from 6 to 20 signs vary. It is better to use just a word, but clear only to you. For example, favourite director. To make the password more protected, add digits, or write it, alternating capital and small letters.

5. In case you suddenly after all will forget the password, there is a row quickly it to restore. Fill the ""confidential question"" and ""answer"" fields, ""other e-mail"" and also ""mobile phone"". It is a number of the services created especially for recovery of the lost password.

6. It is necessary only to read and check under terms of service. After that enter the code, having proved to a system that you not a script for spam. Now it is possible to complete registration.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team