"How to receive the password, without sending SMS"

"How to receive the password, without sending SMS"

Not all information on the Internet is open. Sometimes, to get access to any file, the resource suggests the user to send SMS from the mobile phone. Whether there is a need to receive the password in such a way?


1. The care will never damage therefore check reliability of the website if its administration asks to send you SMS from the phone. Try to understand by what reasons employees of an Internet resource in this case are guided. First of all read instructions for use of a resource (F.A.Q.). Here all questions concerning sending SMS and possible subsequent actions should be explained.

2. Most social networks, forums, servers of e-mail requires synchronization of the account with the personal phone number of the owner. Remember whether you entered the phone number at registration on the website? To protect the personal page from possible cracking and unauthorized actions, the resource requires confirmations of the personality by means of the password received by you by means of SMS. This system is very convenient if you forgot the password to the account. As a rule, this service is free and safe.

3. If you have no opportunity to recover the lost password by means of SMS, contact support of the server. For certain there are additional ways of activation of the account, for example, the answer to a confidential question.

4. If you want to get access to the license information located on the website with paid services, most likely, for the sent SMS some sum will be withdrawn from your account. If you are on the website of official online store, you can use its services and receive the secret password, having only paid for it.

5. Be careful with requests of SMS on the Internet. Often you can come across swindlers. The situation when the user downloads files necessary to it in the encrypted archive which can be opened only after obtaining the password is typical. Be attentive! It is possible to deliver the password only on some documents, for example to Microsoft Word, the archive cannot be encrypted. If you got into a similar situation, do not send SMS and do not try to unpack archive – most likely, inside a virus, and all money will be withdrawn from your mobile account. Delete such archive and check the computer for viruses.

6. If you "caught" a virus, and on the computer there was a pop-up obscene page which promises to be closed after introduction of the password, do not send SMS to swindlers. Call the competent specialist who will clean the computer and will install a good antivirus.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team