How to recognize a domain name by ip

How to recognize a domain name by ip

At connection to the Internet to the computer the unique network identifier – the IP address is selected. Knowing ip of a network resource, it is possible to collect about it certain information. In particular, to define provider, to find out location or to learn a domain name – if it is about the website.


1. To find out a domain name of a resource to the IP address, use one of specialized network services. For example, to these: Enter ip interesting you in the field, click "Learn". In the opened field you will see a domain name necessary to you.

2. If you need to perform the return procedure, that is to learn the domain IP address, it can be done in two ways. The first: seize the opportunities of network services. For example, the resource which was already mentioned above: Enter a domain name in the field, click "Learn". You will see the IP address of this domain.

3. You can define the IP address of the resource interesting you by the ping command. For example, you want to define the address of Yandex service: Open for the command line: "Start-up" - "All programs" - "Standard" - "Command line". Enter: ping also click Enter. Exchange of packages of the website will begin, already in the first line you will see the resource IP address:

4. If you need to learn where the computer interesting you is physically located, use Geo's services IP. For example, to these: Try to enter the IP address of Yandex stated above in a search box and evaluate the obtained information. You will see not only location of the server, but also all accompanying information.

5. You can sometimes have a need to learn to what network addresses your computer is connected. For this purpose you can seize the opportunities to the Windows operating system. Again open the command line, enter the netstat command – aon. Click Enter. You will see the list of the existing connections.

6. In the graph "Local Address" you can see the addresses and ports of your computer through which connection is carried out. The column "Foreign address" shows the address of the remote computer and number of the used port. You can define location of this computer and provider through whom connection is carried out by the services mentioned above.

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