How to recognize and neutralize the network troll

How to recognize and neutralize the network troll

Now network trolls (from English trolling – "catching on a spinner") represent one of problems in the sphere of Internet communication requiring special attention. It is necessary to find out what persons and as to fight with them are.


1. Remember that in most cases network trolls are people who try to start a dispute, most often useless, with other users of different Internet communities. Its purpose at best simply is to laugh at other people, and in the worst - to cause hostility between them.

2. Look narrowly at users of different social networks, forums and chats. Most often it is possible to face Internet trolls in these parts. Besides, it is necessary to be afraid also to fans of network games as players quite often try "troll" each other in a game chat.

3. Be careful and do not begin to communicate with everyone, having only registered on any resource. Trolls especially often attack users beginners, trying to expose them before all a laughing-stock. Do not begin to participate in any subject at a forum if there active discussions are conducted - try to write for a start in more neutral topics better.

4. Pay attention to avatars of suspicious people. Usually Internet trolls prefer to put as it bright and defiant images. Their style of communication is also in most cases unusual. Network trolls use different words, popular in Internet community, and expressions, for example, ""ololo"" (derisive exclamation), ""school students"" (disrespectful nickname of young users), etc.

5. Neutralize the troll. It is not necessary to get with him into a dispute - normally at the same time to achieve nothing acceptable it will not turn out: for such person for pleasure to prove the case despite everything. Just add to an ignore list that it had no opportunity to write you mucks, the benefit on each Internet resource there are filters for setup of transfer and obtaining messages. It is also possible to complain of the hooligan to administrators of site or game server. Against such users the most active measures are usually taken.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team