How to recover data in a mailbox

How to recover data in a mailbox

To ensure safety of the personal information which is stored in electronic mail a box you create the password which you can forget then. In that case it is possible to restore it. Even if for any reason your mailbox completely was removed, you should not despair. You need to use only special service and to recreate data in a box.


1. Make sure that correctly you enter the login at an entrance to a mailbox. Perhaps, you did not forget the password, and just type it to other address. If the login is typed correctly and the password needs to be recovered, use the special button "Forgot the Password?".

2. Define how you want to receive the password to your e-mail. If at registration you entered the answer to a confidential question, can use such option of password recovery. If you specified mobile phone number, select a way of obtaining the lost data with the help of the code which you receive in the SMS message. Use your second address specified at registration. To you will come the instruction, following which to it you change the password.

3. Use the special program assistant if data of your mailbox, for example, the Entering folder in Outlook, are deleted. Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express belongs to the special programs allowing to recreate data in a mailbox. Whatever was the reason of removal of data - the virus attack, errors in work to the file system, software glitches - the program will help. You can download it free of charge for several seconds, the size of the program is small. Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express has the simple interface and is clear in use. Start the program. Having viewed messages in the field of Recovered e-mail list, make sure that the program recreated data. Keep in mind that in certain cases even Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express is not able to recover data in a mailbox in full.

4. Save the restored letters in folders at your choice. The program will suggest you to specify a folder path in which it is necessary to place data. If you register in Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express, then will be able to see the saved messages entirely. Otherwise you will not be able to read headings of letters.

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