"How to recover the password if forgot the answer to a question"

"How to recover the password if forgot the answer to a question"

If you cannot get access to the mailbox for any reason, and in attempt to recover the password it is not possible to remember the answer to a question - do not worry. It is enough to write the letter to technical support service, to confirm the personality and to prove that you are the owner of this e-mail.

It is required to you

  • - Internet;
  • - copy of the passport (as necessary).


1. Enter into an address bar of your web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or, for example, Safari) a domain name of the server on which the mailbox is located. Near a form for input of the e-mail address or the login find the reference: "Forgot", "Remember the password" or "There is no access to my account", enter your login and click "Further". After that the system will request information specified at registration namely the answer to a confidential question. Gather any combination of letters or digits and click "Further".

2. In a window information that the entered data do not correspond specified in a profile will appear. Then to you, most likely, will suggest to enter information on themselves: email alias and/or mobile phone number. In case of the correct answer, you get access to change of the password. Otherwise (for example, you replaced the phone number or did not specify the second mailbox), for restoring access write the letter to support desk (Users Support), having filled an access form. The answer will come within 3-5 days.

3. If sent by you is not enough information, write one more letter. Specify more detailed information which will help to confirm your rights for this mailbox in it. It can be names of the folders created by you, the addresses saved in the address book, approximate date of registration, the IP address from which access, etc. was most often provided). If at registration your reliable data were specified, send the scanned copy of the passport or other document confirming your personality.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team