How to recover the password in icq

How to recover the password in icq

The ICQ program for many years remains one of the means of online communication loved by users. If you use it long ago and have the big contact list, will inconveniently create the new account because of the forgotten password. It can be restored.


1. Remember how you registered the ICQ. Registration can pass through the different websites. If you have Rambler-ICQ or QIP, then it is possible, you used the Rambler service. Open its homepage and find I will impute the link to Rambler-ICQ at the left. Having clicked on it, before you the homepage for program installation will open. Find the reference "Help" and enter this window. Find "Passwords" in the list of tags. In this window you will see the list of frequently asked questions among which there is a problem of the forgotten password.

2. Click on the link "System of Password Recovery". For confirmation of your personality you should specify the e-mail address on which "ICQ" or the phone number was registered if you tied ICQ to it. The next line enter the code which you see on the picture, and click "Further".

3. If you were correct the address of the e-mail, the letter in which your current password is written will be automatically sent to your address. If the letter does not come within a minute, perhaps, in a system there was an error, and you should fill all forms again.

4. Open ICQ and enter an authorization window the password specified to you. You can copy the password from the letter and insert it into the corresponding window. If you enter the password manually, pay attention to the register and keyboard layout.

5. It is possible to recover the password on the official site of ICQ, its address Find the Help tab, click it and select password recovery function. In the specified window enter the e-mail address to which the ICQ account, or number of the ICQ was tied. Click "Further".

6. The answer to a confidential question will be the following step in password recovery. Select that question which you used at registration from the offered options. As a rule. Questions are standard and directly concern your life therefore it is possible to remember the answer.

7. If you underwent all procedures for confirmation of your personality, again enter mail address, and in several seconds the letter with the password specified in it will be sent you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team