How to recover the password of WebMoney

How to recover the password of WebMoney

The WebMoney electronic payment system attentively approaches safety of the clients and their means. Therefore at change of user data, loss of access to the file of key and purses and also in case of loss of the password the system suggests to restore access to service through service of password recovery.

It is required to you

  • – the password (that which you remember);
  • – the e-mail address which was specified at registration;
  • – the active phone number which was specified at registration;
  • – answer to a confidential question (favourite number, maiden name of your mother, etc.);
  • – number and code of the passport.


1. Start the WebMoney Keeper program. Click the Can Not You Log in the Account? key. It will provide you in the menu of service of restoring access. Depending on a situation, select one of possible answers. Can be them: "You forgot the password and cannot remember it in any way" or "Earlier the password approached, and now does not approach". The first answer should be selected if you are precisely sure that an activation problem in the forgotten password, and you have a file of key and purses, the current version of Keeper'a and the login. The second answer should be selected that who is not up to the end confident that the password incorrect and wants to make sure of it.

2. Seize the opportunity to log in the account through E-num service if you selected the second answer. The system will offer this way as priority at emergence of problems with activation. It will allow to understand whether really you forgot the password, or just made a mistake when entering. For this purpose the e-mail address which was specified at registration will be required. After you enter the address, on your phone number SMS will come with the variable code of login which needs to be entered in the respective field.

3. Follow the link specified in service of password recovery if you selected the first answer or could not enter through E-num service. You will get on the official site of user support of WebMoney. Before you the instruction for password recovery will open. The system will take an interest in the way of gaining access to the account which is the most acceptable for you. So, if you saved access to the phone number specified at registration, service will send on it the code which will be required for sending the new password. It will be your new password.

4. Use the system of initialization of personal data if you have no access to the phone number. The system will request number and the code of the passport, a full name and the answer to a confidential question. Having entered these data, WebMoney after verification will be sent by the answer to your e-mail address. The letter except other will contain the new password from your account.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team