How to reduce animation weight

How to reduce animation weight

The amusing animated avatars – almost integral part of each forum. But here trouble: often to rules not only the linear amount of animation, but also file size in kilobytes is limited. However, by means of the ImageReady program you can reduce the amount of animation.

It is required to you

  • ImageReady program
  • the file with animation


1. Open the file with animation in the ImageReady program the Ctrl+O hot keys, or the Open command ("Open") from the File menu ("File").

2. In the Animation palette delete excess personnel. For this purpose select an excess shot, having clicked on it, and press a basket image button in the lower part of the Animation palette. Start animation playback by the button in the form of a triangle in the lower part of a palette. Check whether it is possible to delete some more frames. You can see the changed file size under a window in which the edited animation is open.

3. Whenever possible reduce the linear amount of animation. Cause settings of the size the Image Size command ("Image size") which can be found in the Image menu ("Image"). In the opened window you will expose the linear amount of animation in pixels or as a percentage, having entered numerical values in the Width fields ("Width"), Height ("Height"), or Percent ("Percent"). Click OK.

4. Click on tab 4-UP in a window of the open document. Among four previews of the optimized image select an optimum combination of quality of the picture and file size. It is possible to look at file size under a preview frame.

5. Save the optimized animation by means of the Save Optimized command ("Save optimized") or Save Optimized As ("Save optimized as") the File menu ("File"). The last option will approach if you want to leave the previous version of the file safe and sound. In the opened window select the place on the computer where you will save the facilitated animation, enter a name of the saved file and press the Save button.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team