How to reduce load of the server

How to reduce load of the server

Often it happens so that for any reasons the load of the server of your website exceeds valid limits. In this case there are several ways of a solution, for example, ""moving"" on the dedicated server or decrease in load of old.

It is required to you

  • - access to editing the page.


1. Lower load of the server by editing the file which is responsible for visits of your website by boats of search engines. As load of the server directly depends on attendance of your website, you need to reduce somehow it, without having lost the number of visitors. In this case it is just possible to use modification of settings of visits of such users as Googleboot, WebAltBot and so on, having prohibited them access to some sections of your website.

2. If you are not interested in high attendance of your website, limit access to it, for example, for the non-authorized users. In this case most of visitors, not persons interested to potter with registration, will leave the website independently, and those to whom your resource is really interesting will come under the login and the password.

3. Pay attention to caching and indexing - in most cases it well helps to remove excess load of your website of the server. Also here it is expedient to use compression. Besides, pay attention to special programs-optimayzery for the websites, many of them are even provided independently by hosters.

4. Contact your hoster for receiving councils, as usual users of its servers cope with reduction of loading of the websites. Usually they give advice concerning decrease in loading scripts which for the execution request too many system resources. Here you should work not only with them, but also also with the number of users as at an input on the website practically each of them involves this script in work.

5. Also you will need to consider specifics of the server of your hoster. If you do not accept conditions of providing free space to them on the server under your website, think of ""moving"" on the independent server. It is quite possible that your website at the moment is ready for this purpose.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team