How to reduce log

How to reduce log

Any software performs certain functions. No matter how it does it by default in the folder with the utility the log-file is created. This file is the text document in which all actions of the program are displayed.

It is required to you

  • Software:
  • - any text editor;
  • - archiver 7Zip.


1. In certain cases it is required to learn how the started process before its hangup behaved or for what reasons the program was closed. If to look towards Linux systems this action can be made also without viewing the log-file (on condition of its start via the terminal or the console). In operating systems of the Windows family logs are created or entry in the system log is added.

2. If you deal with the program of third-party vendor, such files should be in a directory with the utility. Pass into the necessary directory, having used "Windows Conductor". If the estimated document is not visible to you, therefore, to it the Latent attribute is assigned. Include display of the hidden and system files.

3. In an open window click the top menu "Service", select the Properties of the Folder item. Pass to the View tab and among the list find the line "Hide the Protected System.". Remove a mark and click "Apply" and OK. Now you can find the log-file and view it. For this purpose left-click according to it twice or select the Open item from a context menu.

4. Having found the necessary error, you can sum up the result, having understood the process hangup reason. If the log-file too big or requires study by the professional, it is recommended to reduce it in the amount of and to send to e-mail specialist or through internal network.

5. For compression it is recommended to use free software 7Zip. It is possible to download this utility at the following link of Start the program. In an open window of "Conductor" pass to your file, select it and click "Add" with the image of green plus.

6. In a dialog box select type of archive, for example, of zip or rar. Click Enter to start process of creation of archive. On completion of operation the window will be closed. In the same folder you will see the compressed log-file which can be sent to the specialist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team