How to refer to the server administrator

How to refer to the server administrator

At detection of an error in functioning of the server or at its hangup it is necessary to report about it to the administrator. It is possible to contact it through a forum, the system of exchange of private messages, a feedback form and also by e-mail or phone.


1. In many online communities the rule prohibiting to discuss publicly actions of administration works. But on the server it does not belong to malfunctions. If in a forum there is a section or a subject for suggestions for improvement of the user interface and placement of reports on errors in its functioning, safely place the messages there. Remember that it is impossible to tell publicly about the vulnerabilities in a security system found by you, malefactors can use this information.

2. To send to the administrator the private message, learn its nickname. Consider what moderators can be a little, and the administrator one. Then follow on the website the link "Private messages" or similar. Select the New Message item, and then in the Recipient field enter the administrator's nickname. Type the text of the message in the field intended for this purpose then click "Send".

3. On some websites the forms of communication with administration are had. By the principle of work they are similar to guest books, but the messages left by users do not become public. Even the non-authorized user can contact administration thus. Find on the main page of the website the reference under the name "Feedback" or similar. Fill fields for a nickname, the e-mail addresses and bodies of the message then click "Send".

4. If the server works, but the arisen malfunction made impossible your input under the login and the password, contact the owner of the website by e-mail. If you do not know it, follow on the website the link "Contacts". Direct the message on that from the addresses specified there which belongs to the administrator or the webmaster of the server.

5. The most difficult situation arises if the server becomes unavailable, and you did not learn the e-mail address of the administrator in advance. Then contact by e-mail or the instant messaging system those participants of community whose coordinates are known to you. Tell them that the server became unavailable, and ask them to report about it to the owner of the website or to give you its coordinates. For certain at least information necessary for this purpose is available for one of them. Consider that if the administrator holds the electronic a mailbox on the same server, as the website, then at failure in operation of this machine also mail will not be accepted. Perhaps, it is necessary to use other address or even phone.

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