How to refuse my World

How to refuse my World

Perhaps, will not be in the Internet of such user who would create the account on the e-mail server and did not face "a problem of my world", social network to which at the time all automatically got who have a mailbox on "Mail". Be removed from it, apparently, as easy as shelling pears, but letters from this world do not become less.

It is required to you

  • - knowledge of user data of the account on (the login, the password);
  • - existence of Internet access.


1. To refuse participation in the My World project, it is necessary to delete the user account of this social network. For this purpose you need to check first of all existence of Internet access on your computer, to open the browser, to visit the page and to become authorized in this mail service.

2. If you forgot the login or the password, use a data recovery form. For this purpose press the Forgot? button near a password entry line. The system will suggest you to restore the login or to change the password to new, using earlier entered control questions.

3. After you became authorized in the system, it is necessary to enter into an address bar of URL: that will bring you on the homepage of "My world". Also on the homepage of mail social network it is possible to get from the homepage of – under a form of authorization there is a My World button with the image of a men's bust and blue-green circle.

4. In the left part of the homepage of social network "My World" there is the user menu in a folded view. It is necessary to deploy it, having pressed the Still button. After that click earlier hidden menu bar under the name "Setup".

5. For a full-fledged output from the My World project when saving a mailbox on it is necessary to walk on bookmarks of settings and to deselect all checkboxes from the available menu items. First of all bookmarks of the Notifications, Access and Websites menu where it is necessary to deselect all checkboxes from offers on mailing of news and updates of different lists, opportunities to invite you in groups or communities and to delete the websites connected with "My world" respectively mean.

6. After you as much as possible limited access to your page and prohibited a system to send you newsletters, it is necessary to delete all personal data from social network manually. It becomes because completely it is possible to delete the account from "My world" only along with removal of the account on

7. Then it is necessary to come into the Homepage bookmark of the Setup menu again and to click at the very bottom the page "Delete the World". The system will suggest you to remain in "My world" on what as the answer it is necessary to select seven checkboxes in the offered paragraphs of the next menu. The checkbox opposite to the inscription "I Made the Weighed Decision" is obligatory here. The account in "My world" will be deleted in 48 hours after application for removal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team