How to refuse purchase on ebay

How to refuse purchase on ebay

Many heard that it is possible to make purchases at an auction eBay. Really, this service gives a quite good opportunity to buy qualitative things at the quite good price. However it is necessary to understand that it is the European trading floor, and therefore rules of trade work a little other here than to what we got used, to return goods not easy.


1. You should not think that the shop which is somewhere away has no possible ways of impact on you. If you ordered any goods, but then changed the mind, and just decided not to pay it – it is wrong. In Europe the similar actions are not taken, having clicked "Buy it now", you agree to payment of goods. Of course, in case of failure from payment nobody will not begin to sue residents of our state though in Europe such practice is, but it is possible to receive a total ban on commission of orders at this auction for several similar offenses.

2. Ordering goods, you remember that you can return it, having received money back therefore make honest transactions – it is more favorable, first of all, to you. At the same time in advance, before the button stated above will be pressed, learn whether there is a delivery to the selected products to your country. As a rule, if the firm delivers the goods everywhere, then worldwide is marked. All this concerns purchase of goods on which there is a fixed price.

3. Payment by means of PayPal service – your guarantee that money will return to you if, say, the goods are not delivered. The system or charges money off an account of the seller, or (and it is not done by more any payment service provider) pays you. It is not recommended to pay with simple money transfers – it will be so almost impossible to return money if there are problems with goods or delivery.

4. Remember that only the seller can cancel the transaction on ebay. The buyer, after he decided to buy goods, having pressed the corresponding button, cannot cancel the transaction. For failure from the selected products write the letter to the seller – most likely, the seller will agree to canceling, and cancels the transaction (you should be answered by all means). If you already paid previously goods, at first into your account means should arrive, and only then - to come failure from the transaction.

5. Return of the goods received, but not approached in some parameters, happens according to the similar scheme – through correspondence to the seller. In most cases situations are resolved by the mutual consent of the seller and buyer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team