How to register a personal account

How to register a personal account

Many Internet resources — social networks, forums, online stores — demand from users of obligatory registration for gaining access to all opportunities of the website. Register a personal account is just that is to create the account, the account on the website.

It is required to you

  • The operating e-mail address


1. At stay on the website requiring registration and creations of a personal account follow the link which will be displayed under the corresponding warning that some actions without logging into the personal account are impossible. Usually this link and is called "Registration", "Create the account".

2. Fill all necessary fields — usually it is required to enter the name and a surname, sometimes — the city of residence. Specify the operating e-mail address for communication. Think up a nickname login for login. In the respective field of a form enter the thought-up password, being guided at the same time by marks near the field of filling. Repeat the entered password for check.

3. Read terms of service. If you accept all paragraphs of this agreement, set a checkbox near an inscription "He Agrees with Conditions".

4. Check correctness of all entered data. If it is required, enter the test code from the picture in the bottom of the registration questionnaire. Then press the Registration or Create a Personal Account button.

5. Receive the letter on that e-mail address which you specified at registration. This letter usually contains your registration data — the login and the password for an input on the website and also the link for activation of your newly created account. Follow this link. You will get to the personal account. At the same time registration on the website will be considered as successfully complete.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team