How to register ICQ

How to register ICQ

In the wide area network the Internet of ICQ issues to all users the personal identification number UIN which is assigned during the first session in the ICQ program and is requested at repeated program load.

The easiest way of receiving a way number ICQ is to register ICQ on the official site of in the section "Registration".

Before registration ICQ it is necessary to get the e-mail address if it is not in you, e-mail can be registered on any free e-mail server.

  • To begin registration of ICQ, it is necessary to press the Get an ICQ Number button.
  • In the appeared form with the warning "Next" clicks.
  • Further the form for filling of personal data opens. The fields noted by the red record "Required" are mandatory. You can not fill fields with the Name, the Surname and the e-mail address. However, if you all-such wish to write your e-mail, but do not want somebody to learn about it, you can cancel the publication of your individual information, the tick near the inscription "Don't publish my Email address on ICQ directories..." is for this purpose noted. Then it is necessary to think up your personal password and to enter its two times. It should be noted that specified by you at registration ICQ, e-mail, can be required by you in case of loss of the personal password because in this case the letter with password recovery will be sent to the e-mail address specified by you. It is recommended to set more difficult password that even the amateur malefactor could not crack it at registration.
  • After filling of all required fields we click "Next" to register ICQ.
  • After completion of registration you will have the personal identification number ICQ (it is noted by a marker). Pay attention to allowing other users to add you to the leaf of contacts only from your approval, it should be noted a tick the My authorization is required before users add me to their Contact List point, by default costs - it is authorized for all contacts.
  • After that "Next" clicks.
  • At this stage it is necessary to turn off the Make myself available for chat users searching for … function and to pass to the beginning of a session of "Start".
  • Before opening of the program, in a tray (we string the left corner of start-up) the yellow small square signed exclamations will begin to blink. This first notification of a system.

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