How to register in my World

How to register in my World

Among social networks "My World" occupies one of leading places on number of the registered users. The portal combines in itself the whole network of useful resources and functions. It and blogoservice, and convenient means for communication with functional search of people. The dating site, a hosting of files and many other things are also available to participants of My World. But to seize all opportunities of service, it is necessary to register in My World.

Welcome to "My world"

Registration on social network "My World" free, but will not be possible to create the account without availability of e-mail. My World - one of services. Therefore e-mail in this case is obligatory. At the same time it is necessary to remember that you will need to register and create a mailbox on too. However, if desired after the sign @ in a name of the e-mail address (login) you can use any domain:,,,

After you come into the e-mail, it will be offered to you to create the world. You will be able to find the reference to the portal also at a login to e-mail. Attentively look at all records on a top panel. You need the Create My World button. Click it and pass to the login page. It will be for this purpose necessary to enter in a special line the personal data, the name and a surname according to which your friends and acquaintances, age will be able to find you on the website. After that it is necessary to click "Create" and pass to the following page where you should fill some more lines. In particular, it will be offered to you to specify the city in which you live to facilitate to your friends search, and school at which studied. For search of fellow students it is desirable to specify your education. Here you can specify the friends. Then click "Continue" to pass to the personal page of My World service.


As you can see, registration on this portal is very simple and takes several minutes on time. After you create own "World", pass to its "filling". For a start load the personal photo that your friends, colleagues, fellow students could recognize by it you. Then you can add unlimited number of images, video to the albums and to start safely search of friends, to share own thoughts, links, musical and video files with users of the website.

If you have no mail

If you have no e-mail yet, act as follows. Copy and insert into an address bar of the browser the link for transition to the page of creation of "My world". For this purpose click "Be Registered Now" which is located on the right then you will appear on the new page where it will be offered to fill a registration form. For this purpose specify necessary information in each field: a name, a surname, the city, date of birth, a floor, the e-mail address (it at first will need to be thought up to check), the password which you are going to use for an input on the website and in e-mail (you will have it identical). Then it will be necessary only to click "Register".

If desired you can tie the account and e-mail to number of the mobile phone. It is necessary, for example, if at you cracked a profile, or you just forgot the password. Will be to use the special link of service enough and to set the new password for which confirmation to you on phone the special code which is used for the procedure of change of the password will arrive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team