How to register in Skype of one more user

How to register in Skype of one more user

Skype – a great way to communicate with friends online. He allows to install free of charge video conference from the computer on the computer, to exchange a photo and music, to call up or send messages. For this purpose it is only necessary to install this program on the computer and to register in it.


1. To register one more user, start the Skype program on your computer. If at the same time the account of other person opened, click in the upper left corner the Skype tab and select "Output". In the appeared window click the inscription "Registration of New Users".

2. You automatically got on the page of this program on the Internet. Enter in free fields, the required personal data. You can specify a surname, a name, age, sex, language and the location and invented, but it considerably will complicate search you in Skype for your friends and acquaintances. Surely enter the phone number and the e-mail address real as your communication will depend on it. On the invented number hardly someone to you will phone, and notifications on a program runtime will come to e-mail.

3. Think up for yourself the login which should consist not less than of 6 characters, and the password. If the similar login already exists, the system immediately will notify you on it, and will offer several other options at choice. Enter the password and duplicate it in the next window.

4. Pay attention to the fields marked with an asterisk. They are obligatory to filling.

5. Having filled all necessary fields, enter the text shown on the picture at the very end of the page. If letters on it are badly visible to you, click "Update" or "Listen". Then select "I agree - Further" or "I agree. Create the account". After that the system will check the data entered by you again. If everything is right, you will be registered in it as the new user and get access to the program.

6. Remember the login, the password or write them. Add some data on yourself to facilitate search you in the program. Load own photo and tell the login in Skype to relatives, friends and acquaintances with whom you will be able to communicate now.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team