How to register service

How to register service

Create and manage services, to be exact - services, in Windows OS it is possible by means of special utilities – Srvany.exe and Instsrv.exe. They are included into Windows NT Resource Kit. The first is intended for control over work of services, the second – for installation/removal of the user services.


1. Come into the main menu of Windows OS, having pressed the Start-up button, then click with the left mouse button the Execute point.

2. In the Open field enter cmd then click the Ok button or click the ENTER key on the keyboard.

3. In a text box of the command line enter the following:

Imya_disk: \polnyy_put_k_programme_Instsrv\Instsrv.exe
Imya_sluzhby\imya_disk: \polnyy_put_k_programme_Srvany\Srvany.exe.

Click Enter for confirmation.

4. Further it is necessary to return to the Execute dialog box and "Open" in the field to enter regedit for start of the staff editor of the register.

5. Open the following branch in the editor of the register:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\имя of service.

6. In a top panel of tools expand the Editing menu correctly to register the created service in a system.

7. Choose the Add Parameter command and then in the field under the name "Parameter Name" enter Parameter value. As for the Class field, it is necessary to leave it empty. Then by means of the button Ok confirm changes.

8. Now, having selected the created parameter, specify the Add Value command in the Editing menu.

9. In the Value of Parameter field enter "Application", in the field "Data type" – Reg_SZ. It is necessary to enter an imya_disk in the String field: \polnyy_put_k_faylu_ekhe_sluzhby (at the end do not forget to specify filename extension).

10. Complete the work of the editor of the register.

11. By default the service which you will create will start in the automatic mode. You can change this parameter, having come into "Services" from the control panel or having used the imya_sluzhba net start command.

12. Also you can edit type start of the created service by means of use of a command polnyy_put_k_programme_sc\Sc.exe start of the imya_sluzhba entered in the command line.

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