How to register static routes

How to register static routes

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During setup of the server for access to Internet or other resources often it is necessary to register independently routes. Similar operation is sometimes necessary even at setup of routers or routers.

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1. In spite of the fact that many routers automatically register routes, introduction "manually" of the specific addresses for different devices can be required: TV prefixes or other equipment. Especially it is relevant when using VPN connection. Select the connected to the router computer and start on it the web browser.

2. Open the web interface of settings of the router. Pass to the LAN network settings and select the Routing Table item ("Routing table"). Find the port number LAN for which it is required to change routes, and register independently necessary addresses.

3. In that situation when functions of the router in your network are performed by the desktop computer, you will need the WinRuote program. Download and install this application on the required computer. Start this utility.

4. Now pass into the Setup menu and open the Routing table point. This program allows to make any manipulations both with static, and with dynamic routes. Pay attention: at setup and configuring dynamic routes you will need to set new parameters after each reset of the computer.

5. Click "Add" (Add) to register a new route for specific port. Enter the IP address and a subnet mask for a new route. Surely specify the network adapter for which you create a new route. If access to the IP address set above is carried out via other network device, specify its IP in the Main Gateway field.

6. Considering the fact that you create a static route, surely install a tick opposite to the Create Static Route parameter. Press the OK button for saving the set parameters. Consider that if for this adapter the route was already registered, then it is more reasonable not to add new and to change parameters of the existing route.

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