How to register the new account

How to register the new account

Many resources of the Internet demand for registration use. As a result of implementation of this operation the user receives the account the user name and the password are provided to it for a login to which.


1. Before carrying out registration on any given resource, check whether it supports an input through services Gmail, Facebook, OpenID or similar. If you already have an account in one of the services supported by the server, and you want to act on the website under that nickname under which you are registered in such service, just select the corresponding option and enter on the website.

2. Registration on the majority of servers requires existence of a box of e-mail. If you do not have it yet (that, however, meets today extremely seldom), create it. You remember also that some resources do not allow use of the e-mail addresses located on certain servers. If your box is located on the unsupported server, and on other server you do not have it yet, previously create the account on it.

3. Find on the homepage of the website or in the forum located on it the link under the name "Registration", "Register", ""Register"", ""Sign up"" (not to confuse with ""Sing in"") or similar. Pass on it.

4. Fill those from data entry fields which are noted as mandatory. Enter data on desire into the others. Select a desirable nickname. The data entry field for the password usually is present in duplicate - fill them equally. Make the password difficult and well remember. Surely enter the e-mail address real, otherwise you will not be able to receive the message for registration confirmation. Correctly decrypt I smoke - character set for check, you are not or you a robot.

5. Enter the electronic mailbox. Wait for the message that registration took place successfully. Follow the long link which is present at the message, and registration will be confirmed. If in the message the password is specified by clear text, delete it. Then delete this message and from a mailbox basket.

6. Try to enter on the website under received by you the login and the password. After end do not forget to carry out works with a resource an output.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team