How to remake the address

How to remake the address

Quite often owners of own Internet resources wish to change the address of the website for some other or to receive for it several addresses. The registering websites of the organization give them such opportunity, often it can be done even without leaving the house.


1. If you own the rights of the site administrator, then in the control panel of the website you can easily change its address. But at first it is necessary to get the new paid or free address. It can be added to already available or to replace with available. Select item necessary to you in the section "The Website — the Addresses". After the choice of the required action pay the ordered service according to rates of your logger.

2. If you get the new paid or free address for your website, it will exist side by side with your old address. No matter, whether there will be it your personal address or a domain name. To see the website on the new address, enter it into an address bar of the browser. As soon as your website begins to exist on two addresses at once, by default the old address will be the basic, and new – the subaddress. It is possible to change this state of affairs in the control panel of the administrator, in settings of a system.

3. That redirections between the key address and the subaddresses were executed correctly, make necessary changes in DNS. If on your website there is a record WWW, then its type should be CNAME, and contents – the address of your website. If the entry WWW in the domain does not exist, then the subaddress should have surely the record WWW, a record type of CNAME and to contain a subaddress name.

4. The service of change of the address of the website or adding new – expensive pleasure, and terms of implementation of the application can last up to 5 months depending on quickness of your registration center. Therefore previously learn rates for similar services from the logger and dates of performance of applications.

5. Some registration firms for change of the address of a resource require personal presence of the administrator at office of the company with the passport and the application for change of the address. As a rule, such centers instead of personal presence consider also notarized letters from administrators with receipts on prepayment of the ordered services.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team