How to remember the password to mail

How to remember the password to mail

Often many Internet users forget passwords from e-mail. The problem could seem rather large-scale if not the useful function of a mailer allowing to restore access for the user to its mailbox with ease.

It is required to you

  • Computer, Internet access.


1. If you forgot the password from the electronic mailbox, it is not necessary to try to pick up it numerous input of possible codes. Some search services can apprehend your actions as attempt of cracking of a mailbox. Today there is simpler option of recovery of the lost password from mail.

2. Pay attention to a form of a login to the interface of a mailbox. Here you will see the link "Forgot the Password", "Remember the Password" or "Recover the Password" – at each mailer the link can look differently, but the sense from it remains invariable. Click this link and wait for readdressing on the page of restoring access to mail.

3. Having appeared on the page of password recovery, enter the e-mail address, access to which was lost, in the provided field. Here to you will suggest to enter the answer to a confidential question. As the answer that phrase which you set at registration of a mailbox is. After you enter the answer in the respective field, press Next. The password from the account will be reset and service will provide you the new access code. Having entered a mailbox, using the new password, come into account settings and set the new access code to your account.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team