How to remove a banner with SMS

How to remove a banner with SMS

If in the middle of work in the lower part of the browser suddenly appeared it is unknown from where the undertaken banner indecent pictures, be not frightened. As a rule, on it approximately following is written: "you signed up for our advertizing for 1 month, but can unsubscribe from it, having sent SMS to the short number". Be not bought on this deception and do not send any messages to swindlers. Cases when after sending SMS the banner did not disappear are known. And money left.


1. Removal of a banner from Internet Explorer.
Open IE. Select in the Service — Internet Options menu. Then press "In addition" and the Reset button. Reboot. The browser was cleaned.

2. Removal of a banner from Opera.
Open the browser. Come into "Tools – Settings". Select In the addition tab, then pass into "Contents", and now press on the Javascript Settings … button. In the appeared window you will see path, pro-hand-written in the field "Folder of the User Files Javascript". Write or remember it. Delete this record from the field and click OK. Close the browser and pass on the way which you rewrote. Delete files of a banner (they have the js extension). If path looks so: "C: WINDOWS uscripts", it is necessary to delete all uscripts folder. Reboot.

3. Removal of an informer from Mozilla Firefox.
Open a mozilla. Enter the Tools — Additions menu. Select "Expansions" and delete all points about which you know nothing or they arouse at you mistrust. Reboot. Now your computer is clean.

4. You can meet also other, much bigger problem. The banner is located on a desktop, occupying the most part of the screen, and blocks an output on the majority of the websites, especially on the search websites and pages of antivirus software. Also strongly operation of the computer slows down, "the blue screen of death" continually jumps out, even start of the computer does not help with the safe mode. For fight against this virus you need other computer from which you could go on-line.

5. Visit the website of Kaspersky Lab. You will see two fields: one for numbers phone, another for the text of SMS. Fill them. Now click "learn" or "receive the code of an unblocking". In reply you receive the code which needs to be entered into a banner window. The banner should disappear.

6. If swindlers I demand to recharge the phone number, to fill up a purse or the account of the account in contact, enter in the first field number of phone, a purse or malefactor's id.

7. When the banner disappears, carry out a full inspection of the computer on viruses. For this purpose use special utilities of antivirus software. Provide the computer with reliable protection of licensed antivirus software. Also do not visit the doubtful sites.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team