How to remove a banner with VKontakte

How to remove a banner with VKontakte

Advertizing on social network VKontakte was not so persuasive until recently. Couple of small advertisements at the left periodically changed, but did not disturb in any way and did not distract. Now advertizing looks in the form of the swimming-in windows from below, on the right, at the left, on top, banners on each side or at the top of the page. Here such advertizing really irritates.

Remove a banner through Adblock Plus

Practically any pop-up advertizing including advertizing banners, the Adblock Plus program blocks. For installation of this expansion it is necessary to visit the website On the opened page the big green button "Install for" at once will be visible and further that browser which you use for Internet connection is registered. You need to press the Install button and further to confirm installation. On different browsers the installation procedure differs a little, anyway it is necessary either to confirm installation, or to resolve, pressing corresponding the button. After installation of this program refresh the page of the website of VKontakte.

Remove a banner, deleting expansions from the browser


There are some types of advertizing which Adblock Plus cannot block. It is just that advertizing which can emerge from sides, on top and from below. Such advertizing banners often and randomly appear on your screen during visit of the website of VKontakte, at the same time very much distract attention and irritate. The extensions installed in your browser are the reason of emergence of similar advertizing. The most interesting is that you can not remember the fact of installation of similar expansions by you. As a rule, they are installed on your browser in a makeweight to some downloaded program. That these banners disappeared and did not disturb you, it is necessary to delete these most unnecessary expansions from settings of your browser.

In the Google Chrome browser in the upper right corner you click "Setup" and management of Google Chrome, then you select "Settings" and at the left from the list you select the Expansions item. In this tab all extensions installed on your browser are displayed. Turn off excess expansion, having removed a tick opposite to point "Is included". Then refresh the page of VKontakte. Banners will disappear.

If several extensions are installed, disconnect them in turn, at the same time refreshing the page of the website. In the Mozilla Firefox browser for shutdown of expansions in the menu you select at first "Tools", then "Additions". In the opened window you turn off excess expansions. For removal of banners of VKontakte in the Opera browser in the menu at once you select "Expansions", further the Management of Expansions point and here you click "Disconnect" opposite to the selected expansion.

If after holding all procedures which are listed above the advertizing banners on the website of VKontakte do not disappear, then, most likely, your computer is infected with a virus. In this case it is necessary to scan a system by means of your antivirus software for identification of problem places. It is also possible to use functionality of the Ccleaner program.

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