How to remove a mail from the homepage

How to remove a mail from the homepage

Some users can have a problem connected with the homepage in the browser which to change sometimes by means of standard means sooner or later, it is just impossible.

Sometimes the beginning or novice users of personal computers can test the different troubles connected with operation of the browser. For example, during its loading the or webalta page is automatically loaded. As a rule, it is impossible to get rid of these homepages by means of standard ways of change of the home page. Such pages which were are described can be loaded even carried a permission of the user above. A huge number of the different software most of which often is harmful uses a similar algorithm today. As for directly, they developed special software which, having got on the computer of the user will try in all possible ways to force out any search engines found it and to replace them with themselves. Such software is called

Certainly that the similar behavior of the company is simply absurd in this connection many users just refuse use of their services and pass to others. Most often computer infection with the program occurs by carelessness of the user. It should be noted that if this software got on the user's computer, it will replace the homepage in all browsers installed on the PC.


Removal of search engine

To get rid of search engine, it is required to open the Start menu and to come into "Control panel" where it is necessary to find the Installation and Removal of Programs point and to click on it. After the list of the programs installed on the computer to be loaded, is required to find, to click on it and to press the Delete button. Certainly, there can be warning, that this program can be useful to the computer and you should not delete it. In this case you should not do only one - not to delete this software. You should not pay attention to warnings and safely press the Yes button. In the same place at a distance is programs, it is possible to look for Спутник and to delete it. Спутник - a toolbar which after installation appears in all browsers. With its help it is possible to look at weather, exchange rate, traffic jams, etc. If it does not disturb you, then can leave it.

After removal it is possible to start replacement of the homepage. In all browsers it becomes a little differently, but the essence remains to the same. It is required to come into "Settings" of the browser and to find the Search or Search engines point, to press the Management of Search Engines button and to select that which is necessary to you. Naturally, all changes need to be saved by means of the corresponding button. After these manipulations, the homepage of the browser with will change on that which was specified by the user.

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