How to remove a pornobanner

How to remove a pornobanner

Pornobanners quite often spoil all process of work at the computer. It is not important whether the virus on a desktop got out at you, some administrator decided to earn excess kopek from the resource or you on the website had an unnecessary image – all this can be eliminated as soon as possible.

If the unnecessary image appeared at you on a desktop and prevents work, the reason is in viruses. To fix a problem, it is enough to survey properly the computer by means of an antivirus. If you do not want to spend spare cash, can download free option (for example, Avast). But how to arrive in situations when the banner blocks all actions of the user?

The first option – change of settings of date in BIOS. During start of the computer just select the corresponding item and date for the day ahead. In most cases it will be enough. If the problem did not disappear, you should use the help of other devices connected to the Internet.


Find protective schemes in the search engine. For example, banners which ask to send SMS are easily destroyed by Dr.Web. It is enough to enter information requested by a banner on the website, and you receive the ready solution. One more option is to download the antivirus working from the USB stick. Insert the device and restart the computer. In turn-on time it will check a system and will delete harmful files.

If pornobanners emerge on others websites

In the majority a case it is enough to put some disabler of advertizing. The most known is AdBlock though there are also other free alternatives. For example, Blocking of Banners service from Kaspersky Lab. By means of these software, you will secure yourself not only against pornobanners, but also against other advertizing means.

If undesirable advertizing appears on any resources, then, most likely, the reason is in viruses. As it is absolutely new view, many antiviruses are not capable to cope with it. Special software like HitmanPro and Malwarebytes Antimalware were developed for these purposes. If one of them did not help, simply download another.

If the pornobanner appeared on your website

It is the simplest to contact support of a hosting and to tell about the coupled problem. Experienced specialists will help you to find the reason of a problem and to eliminate it. However not all services offer similar service. In this case it is necessary either to employ the specialist, or to solve a problem independently.

It is necessary the performer it is possible to find at the exchanges of freelance. Just leave the offer and after a while to you applications will begin to arrive. For independent check you can use software. For example, to install a script of Al-Bolit which will find malicious applications, errors of the code and redirects in a root directory.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team