How to remove advertizing Google Chrome

How to remove advertizing Google Chrome

Perhaps, all Internet users know about a huge number of the advertizing posted on the websites. Sometimes it is too persuasive and unpleasant. If advertizing bothered you with order, it is possible to get rid of it easily. In this article I will tell how to delete advertizing from the Google Chrome browser.

It is required to you

  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - Google Chrome browser.


1. Enter settings of the Google Chrome browser. For this purpose it is necessary to click, located in the browser window upper right corner.

2. In the appeared settings window it is necessary to click on the Expansions button located in the upper left corner.

3. Before you the window of Chrome online store will open. Here, in a search window, it is necessary to enter Adblock Plus. This most known free application for advertizing blocking. As soon as you enter this name, this application will appear in the list of programs. Click on it.

4. It is possible to find detailed information and the user feedback on this application in the opened window. To install it, it is necessary to press the button"" + free of charge"".

5. The last step - installation confirmation. In the opened window it is necessary to click ""Add"". After that the Adblock Plus installation of the application will be made. It will automatically block all advertizing on the websites opened by means of the Google Chrome browser.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team