"How to remove advertizing ""Schoolmates"""

"How to remove advertizing ""Schoolmates"""

Advertizing on social networks, in particular, on the website Одноклассники.ру, is aimed at potential clients, that is at users of this social network. And as owners of this social network have quite good income from advertizing on the websites. Advertisements and banners became much on the website, and sometimes such declarations are very importunate.

Remove advertizing from the Google Chrome, Yandex.Browser browsers, the Mail.ru Browser and Nichrom

Advertizing from the website Одноклассники.ру cleans up by means of establishment of the Adblok Plus program. Before starting program installation, it is necessary to find out what browser you use for Internet connection. There are main browsers most of which often users use in network: Google Chrome, Mail.ru Browser, Nichrom (Rambler), Yandex.Browser, Opera, Mozilla Firefox.


Now, having decided on the browser, you open it and you visit the website adblockplus.org. On the first page you will see information on the program, transfer of its advantages. This extension absolutely free of charge is installed. Below under the text it is offered to install the program - on the button of installation the browser from which you came is already specified. After clicking of the button the window in which it is specified that it is necessary to grant permission for access to your data on websites and access to tabs and the log of visits will appear. It is necessary to click ""Add"". After this action to the right of an address bar there will be an Adblok Plus icon and the message that for end of program installation it is necessary to click an icon will jump out.

Remove advertizing from the Opera and Mozilla Firefox browsers

For program installation of Adblok Plus on the Opera and Mozilla Firefox browser it is also necessary to visit the website adblockplus.org and to press the program installation button for your website. For the Opera browser the window with the question "Install the Extension" will appear what you answer positively. After clicking of the Install button for Mozilla Firefox in this browser the window with the message that Firefox blocked software installation from this website will appear. The Allow button is placed under the message. Afterwards agree "Install now". And the Adblok Plus extension will be applied to your browser.

This program not only blocks advertizing on the website Одноклассники.ру, she is also capable to block harmful domains and to automatically close buttons of social networks which appear on web pages and keep track of behavior of users. Adblok Plus can also be installed on Android as the stand-alone program, and then you will not be disturbed by advertizing on phone.

There is a number of commercial programs which work by the same principles, as Adblok Plus. At the inexpensive cost you will be able to obtain licenses more full range of services, offered by new developments.

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