How to remove an advertizing banner from the screen

How to remove an advertizing banner from the screen

Recently the different viruses named advertizing banners become widespread. This type of malicious applications forces the owner of the struck computer to send SMS messages to short numbers. Exists a little enough simple, but, at the same time, effective ways of disposal of viruses of this sort.

It is required to you

  • - initial skills of work with the PC;
  • - possibility of an output in a wide area network the Internet.


1. The first what it is necessary to warn victims of a similar virus against, is that it is necessary to fulfill the requirements of swindlers by no means and under no circumstances, i.e. to send SMS messages.

So, the easiest and primitive way on disposal of an advertizing banner is use of the Windows operating system in the safe mode. First, it is necessary to enter the safe mode. For this purpose at reset of the computer after giving of a sound signal it is necessary to key F8.

2. Further it is necessary to start the register (or in the command line to write regedit, or to register the same phrase in the Execute field) and to pass to this address HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon. In this folder you need to check two parameters: in Shell only Explorer.exe, should be registered in Userinit - C:\Windows\system32\userinit.exe.

3. The following method consists in use of Internet services of different anti-virus systems. The essence of data of services is that they can issue you the code for the certain banner which infected your computer then the virus is deactivated. Here small list of such razblokirovshchik:

4. The most effective method of fight against banner viruses is the method with use of additional software. This method needs to be used when it is impossible to start the safe mode. Removal of an advertizing banner requires only two utilities — Live CD and CureIt. The first program is the operating system started from a disk, the second — very effective virus scanner. It is desirable to select LiveCD created on the basis of Windows OS.

5. After obtaining the necessary software package it is necessary to start a disk or the usb-media with LiveCD, by means of change of parameters of loading in BIOS then in the loaded operating system to include CureIt. With high probability the virus will be. After successful performing these operations, it is necessary to install more effective anti-virus systems.

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