How to remove an icon in a tray

How to remove an icon in a tray

In a system tray applications which are started on the computer at the moment of time are displayed. If necessary you can always remove an icon from a system tray, having seized the special opportunities of a task bar.

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1. If you need to delete an icon of a certain application from a system tray, you can make it for several seconds. Many users mistakenly believe that for concealment of an icon it is necessary to click on it with the right mouse button and to select the Close or Leave item. It is wrong. Arriving in the above way, the user breaks system operation, stopping execution of certain scripts. To remove an icon in a tray and at the same time not to do much harm to work of the operating system, there is one effective method about which it is worth talking in more detail.

2. If you wish to exempt a system tray from a certain icon, you need to perform the following operations: guide the mouse cursor at a task bar then click with the right mouse button on it. Before you the window reflecting in itself various settings and parameters will open. In this window you need to click with the left mouse button across the field of "Property".

3. After you activate this field, on a desktop the Properties of a Task Bar and Start Menu window will appear. Switch to the Task bar tab if at present parameters of the section "Start-up" are displayed. At the very bottom you will see the Configure button (it is located opposite to the Hide Not Used Icons point). Press this button. In the opened window you will see icons of applications started on the computer at present. To hide one of them, find the necessary icon and click opposite to it in the field "Behaviour". Select the Always to Hide item and save parameters. The icon will be deleted from a system tray.

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