How to remove Firewall

How to remove Firewall

The computer which is not protected fayervoly is open for the hacker attacks. Correctly configured fayervol, it is a firewall, is designed to give to the user complete control over network traffic and ports of the computer. Is present at OS Windows fayervol, but at installation of a third-party firewall regular it is recommended to disconnect.


1. Need of replacement of a regular fayervol is explained by another simply – the firewall from Windows does not ensure the necessary degree safety. It has no opportunities for setup necessary today, besides, hackers learned to bypass it long ago. Therefore many users, having installed Windows, immediately disconnect regular fayervol and put the program from third-party vendor.

2. To disconnect fayervol, in Windows XP open "Control panel": "Start-up" – "Control panel". Then select the line "Windows Firewall". In the opened window select the Switch off mode.

3. The firewall does not protect the computer any more, but the relevant service continues to work. It should be disconnected. In the control panel select "Administration", then "Services". Select the line "Windows Firewall". In the opened window click "Stop", then in the option "Start Type" select "Is disconnected". Firewall is disconnected.

4. For shutdown of a fayervol in Windows 7 open: "Start-up" - "Control panel" - "A system and Safety" - "Windows Firewall" - "Inclusion and shutdown of a firewall of Windows". For the used types of networks select the option "Disconnect", click "OK".

5. Further, as well as in a case with Windows XP, disconnect service of a firewall - it is disconnected the same way. Having disconnected it, click "Start-up", enter the msconfig command in the search string and click "Input". Find a tab of "Service" and remove a tick from Windows firewall, click "OK". Then in the following window select "An output without reset". If the firewall in the list of services is not, then everything is all right - just close a window.

6. It is necessary to know that the most popular fayervola not always are the most reliable. Knowing that they are installed on computers of most of users, hackers find ways of their round. The most widespread way – introduction of the hacker program (for example, a trojan) in the list of the entrusted applications. Therefore the choice of less known fayervol will be more reliable.

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