How to remove frames

How to remove frames

At stay on the Internet there is always a risk to load a virus on own hard drive. Malefactors mask malicious software under harmless programs which allegedly facilitate surfing on the Internet, or accelerate operation of the computer.


1. If the frame masks under one of popular resources and prevents Internet connection, open folder C: Also find WINNTsystem32driversetc the hosts file. Double click on it and in the Choice of the Program window select "Notepad". Confirm, having clicked Apprx. the Character of a grid comments of developers are designated. Except comments, there has to be only one line localhost, delete the excess text.

2. To get rid of a frame in settings of the Mozilla Firefox browser, in the Tools menu choose the Additions command and in the left part of a window click the Expansions tool. Delete all points which, in your opinion, are not connected with processes known to you.

3. For cleaning of a frame of the Opera browser select a menu item of "Setup" and "General settings". You select the tab "expanded" and in the left part of a window click on the Contents point. Click "Configure JavaScript". Delete contents of the line "Folder of the User Files …" and click twice OK.

4. If the frame was built in IE, in the menu "Service" choose the Internet Options command and you select In the addition tab. Click "Reset".

5. After performing these actions visit the page of the DrWeb support and download the free Drweb Cureit utility (it can be done according to the link Start the program in the mode of deep check.

6. If the frame blocks your actions, reboot in the Loading of the Last Successful Configuration mode. For this purpose click on the F8 keyboard after a short sound signal. In the menu of the choice of options of loading select command keys the corresponding point "Up" and "Down". In the calendar celebrate the date, the closest to that when problems began.

7. If on your computer the option "System recovery" is disconnected, you can change system time in BIOS. Reboot. After the initial poll of iron on the screen the inscription "Press Delete to setup …" appears. Instead of Delete other key, depending on vendor can be specified. Normally it is F2 or F10. Find the System Time point in the SetUp menu and enter new value in the dd field ("Date").

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team